If you haven’t prepped for winter do it now, freezing temperatures can cause damage to many common systems in and around your home.   Hose bibs are a common source of failure and subsequent damage to homes (we have seen our share of flooded basements in winter).   A frost proof hose bib is an excellent feature to have to prevent wintertime freezing.   All too often we find frost proof hose bib failure in the form of leaks out of the top vacuum break when use resumes during the summer.   Turning off the water inside the house and opening the outside hose bib or simply turning off a frost proof hose bib is not enough, disconnect the hose so that both types can fully drain and prevent damage from freezing.   Frozen water expansion can exceed 100,000 p.s.i. (one way mountains turn into mole hills).   Plumbing is no match for this kind of pressure.  
     Two other commonly missed wintertime items are ball valves and pressure washers.   Ball valves are great, with a quarter turn of the handle the water is turned off.   However, these valves retain water inside the ball itself (a confined space).   If a wet ball valve is allowed to freeze it will crack the housing and leak (A friend didn’t realize this when he winterized his ski cabin for the first time, he lost almost every valve in the house).   Many air compressors have ball valves for tank drainage.   In the winter months open the valve letting the air and moisture out of the compressor tank, when finished just leave it open so it cannot freeze. Pressure washers, paint sprayers and other pumps need to be stored in areas that do not freeze, the pumps are completely dry or are prepped with antifreeze.   (I store my koi pond pumps in a bucket of water in my basement during the winter to prevent freezing and gaskets from drying out).
     Ignoring gutters and downspouts in the winter can cause roof leaks of epic proportions.   Ice damming can result from gutters being full of debris.   Frozen gutters can force water and subsequent ice to backup under the shingles causing the roof to leak.     This is a problem that should be resolved before everything in the gutter turns into a leafcicle.   Garden containers and bird baths should be drained and stored upside down to prevent cracking.  
     Check (or have your mechanic check) the antifreeze in your vehicles.   This is not just a cursory check for fluid level but a scientific check of the antifreeze concentration.   Water with a little antifreeze color will look winter safe but it will freeze just the same.   The only way to be sure is to test it.   Fill the windshield washer reservoir and check the wiper blades.   These things only fail when you need them most.