As a family owned and operated business, Ryans Commercial Maintenance is able to offer our customers a variety of benefits!

  • Ryans Commercial Maintenance works evenings and weekends when your business is closed because many repair services do not.
  • Our phones are answered by Jill Ryan and the person that will come to your business/property to give you an estimate is the Owner Bill Ryan. If you have to leave a message, your call will be returned in a very short period of time and a timely appointment will be scheduled.
  • We offer free estimates that include a consultation to make sure we can meet your needs. Our estimates are always just that, we try our best to stay within the estimate, in fact most often we can come in a little under, but it is not an exact science.  We ask our customers to please let us know if they receive a bid that is more competitive than ours.   At that point in time we would love to try to work with you so that we can review our offer and evaluate if we can do better.
  • We do not always charge a minimum or an hour. If a repair takes less than an hour and we have multiple repairs on our list, then it is pro-rated and not automatically billed for an hour.  Which is a great savings when you have a list of jobs that take under an hour!
  • We treat our customers and their properties as we would treat our own. One Call Repairs It All, however, if we come across something we are not comfortable doing, we will refer you to one of our colleagues.   Our professional network is extensive and we can recommend specific trades/services to assist you at no charge from us for visiting!
  • We do not upcharge for materials. What we purchase materials for is what you will pay.  When we get a contractors discount we will pass that discount to you, making us very competitive.   Even better, if we can return unused materials, your savings will be reflected on your invoice.  We may not always be able to offer discounts or make returns, but Ryans Commercial Maintenance does not charge you more for materials purchased for your job.
  • We offer custom solutions to things that otherwise cannot be repaired. Often parts are unavailable or too costly for the typical replacement part repair.  Very often we can fabricate a part or find an alternative at a fraction of the cost.