About Us



Prompt, Personal and Honest Service

Ryans Commercial Maintenance is an independent family-operated business built on the premise that there is no job we consider too small.   We started our business with one goal in mind, to help other businesses stay productive!   We work with many companies that have a variety needs.   Some have a list of small repairs others have renovations, many do not know who to call for help.   We offer custom solutions to situations that otherwise could not be repaired.  Parts are often no longer available, very difficult to track down or so expensive that repairs are not cost-effective.   We can replicate many replacement parts and we think outside the box.   We employ creative ways to repair or replace components that are often more economical.  


Our Journey

We have lived in Hamilton for the past twenty years.   Jill has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with multiple certifications and has spent the last twenty-four years directing local child care facilities, in which Bill was the maintenance and repair guy.    Bill has a Master’s degree in Administration and has several professional certifications including teacher of Industrial Arts.   Bill started in commercial construction with a southern New Jersey real estate developer.   He started at age nineteen as a minimum wage helper and worked his way into the office.   Doing everything from site survey, materials takeoff, ordering, property management, space planning you name it.   Bill moved on from this company many years ago, they are no longer listed as employers they are friends.   Ryans Commercial Maintenance was established in 2015 after many years of working in the field for other companies.   It was time to do this for ourselves.